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0asis com dating

The most prevalent co-occurring disorders that accompany problem gambling will be identified as well as the financial consequences.Counselor Sensitivity to Sex Work and Substance Use Disorders (April 4, 2019) This webcast will explore the topic of sex work, through the human rights framework.Information on how to interface with your local Health Department will also be discussed.Justice Center Oversight and Monitoring (March 29, 2018) The NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Oversight and Monitoring Unit will provide a general overview of the Oversight and Monitoring Process and offer participants a detailed understanding of: Overview of Justice Center Incident reporting; The Role of the Provider in CAP Development; The Role of OASAS in Approving CAPs; The Role of the Justice Center (JC) in Conducting Audits on CAPs.

The discussion will include the appeals process, the number of days/visits of treatment services to which people are entitled, differences between in and out of network insurance, and the Behavioral Health Ombudsman Program.

Among other topics, the webcast will provide a differentiation between sex work and human trafficking and will help SUD treatment providers identify signs of human trafficking, in clients.

Finally, the webcast will provide best practices and specific considerations for effective treatment for individuals working in the sex industry.

Postvention Response after an Overdose Death or Suicide (September 20, 2018) Per Edwin Shneidman (1972), the term postvention is used to describe "appropriate and helpful acts that come after a dire event." With the increase in overdose deaths and suicide rates, it is essential for programs to have policies and procedures in place to ensure that staff have the support and resources available to cope with unexpected loss.

Behavioral health administrators will discuss their experience with overdose deaths and suicide, it’s impact on the workforce, and the postvention protocols in their programs.

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Tuberculosis (June 14, 2018) This presentation will update addiction professionals on Tuberculosis (TB) trends and new treatments.

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