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The establishment of a series of National Cemeteries took place in July of 1862 during the American Civil War. It is a song from 2012 during the "War On Terror" and is a primary source.Fort Scott National Cemetery is designated as Cemetery number one by the United States government. It confronts the issue of the loss of a loved one due to war.

Each song has information about its Patriotic connection to the United States.He came home with battle scars and the Silver Star.The last line points out this song is for all the heroes and All-American Kids that did not come home.This site is a good starting point for teachers and students interested in American Patriotic Music.This list is of the best American patriotic/patriotism songs for, of, about and from the U. The list includes songs who's origins reach back before the birth of the nation.

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This song tells the story of a deceased soldier, his honor and sacrifice to and for his country.

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