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There is an additional link as well, which is that the violence seen by perpetrators against their partners is also at risk for escalating into a more general violence against the public. Retrieved on May 7, 2016 from: https://everytownresearch.org/reports/guns-and-violence-against-women/ Jeltsen, M. It is assumed that since being single and not dating is viewed so badly it should be left out of all studies.

Such was the case for the shootings this week in Maryland (which technically wouldn’t even meet the standard for “mass shootings” because so far three fatalities have been reported). Retrieved on May 7, 2016 from: https://everytownresearch.org/reports/mass-shootings-analysis/ Guns and Violence Against Women. Let's look at the rest of the ways women may live and how safe they all are.

The untold story of mass shootings in America is one of domestic violence. Copyright Azadeh Aalai 2016The truth and what we wish to believe are two separate issues.

It is one of men (yes, mostly men) targeting and killing their wives or ex-girlfriends or families. For Women, Gun Violence Often Linked to Domestic Violence. Our culture wants to believe coupling and marriage are a good thing.

And people with a history of committing domestic violence are five times more likely to subsequently murder an intimate partner when a firearm is in the house. The astonishing link between partner violence and mass shootings is that in a staggering 57% of mass shooting between 2009-2014, “the perpetrator had killed an intimate partner or family member” (Guns & Violence Against Women”, 2014, para 4).

Moreover, oftentimes the killing of a partner can become a catalyst for even greater public acts of violence, such as random shootings—which was the case with the shooting spree that occurred this week in Maryland.

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