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2016 germany  dating site

In line with the theme of the 22nd International Passive House Conference "Passive House – it's worth it!" numerous speakers drew attention to the economic feasibility and affordability of energy efficient construction and retrofitting.With a height of 88 metres, Bolueta in the Spanish city of Bilbao is now the tallest Passive House building in the world.The recently issued certificate is proof of its highly energy efficient Passive House Standard construction.He also revealed the city that will host the 2020 Conference.more Plenty of steam around extractors In a new study, the Passive House Institute focuses on systems for vapour extractors, with the research report also resulting in a handbook for extractor hoods in Passive House buildings.It was clear that the story about the improvised Blower-Door test in Kazakhstan was the winner of the first-ever Passive House Slam at the Passive House Conference in Heidelberg.

However, professional planning is crucial for this", says Zeno Bastian of the Passive House Institute. " The speakers in the packed hall in Munich were unanimously clear on one thing: that the increase in construction costs in recent years was not caused by energy efficiency; instead, other parameters were responsible.

The excellent level of thermal insulation keeps the heat out, coupled with effective strategies such as "passive night cooling" ensure comfort in the summer months.

Providing proof of a pleasant indoor climate in summer is also one of the requirements for quality assurance for Passive House certification.

In addition, there will be special offers for participating municipalities and housing associations.

more Swimming with a clear conscience Swimming pools constructed to the highly energy efficient Passive House Standard can help relieve the burden on municipalities significantly in the long term.

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This contains the key principles for a compatible system and its dimensioning. Research findings will be presented during the 23rd International Passive House Conference in China in autumn 2019.

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