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However, you can email the logs to me, at sems at sems dot org or you can post it to forums. How could I load my new username and password into the modem and then be able to use the wireless section of the modem ? RPBPosted by RPB (email) on 3/4/2008 AMCan't help you much to unlock the modem, as I never did it, while I had the modem I used it to access features not listed by default interface.

There is plenty of guys there that can help you out as well. There might be options there to change user/pass, but I no longer have the modem, so I can't verify it.

Another idea is taking the router to a friend and flashing it there.

Posted by Sems on 10/29/2008 AMHi, everyone: I tried to update firmware from I follow the instructions, nothing happened, software utility stays sitting there for ages to initialize.

I have been using a Siemens Speedstream 6520 for my DSL connection from Bell for over a year.

I found that the options in the router's interface somewhat limited.

Both show router IP as, edit it to match your router.I have tryed to connect it but it comes up with his log on still. Is there anyway i can unlock it and use it on the Optus net on my account. Glen Posted by Glen (email) on 11/20/2007 AMYou can hard reset the unit, by using a paper clip, then hook a pc to it and set it up to your liking.Also i have a non wireless modem at the moment so i will have to install from the start. See the user manual for details ( by Sems on 11/21/2007 AM but i download de firmware and my router lost the signal like a normal modem and i cant download de firmware can you hell my plis to upgrade my router 6520 now my router is not acces to the internet someone help my pliss i have to bye a single router i need to fix 6520 Posted by kenneth (email) on 12/26/2007 AMInstead of repeating what you wrote, can you please elaborate Kenneth? Second, if I understand correctly, wireless features are not working, the rest is ok? Posted by Sems on 12/26/2007 AMhey there, im trying to use an old speedstream 6520 as a repeater. i have two routers i have a wireless network on the first level of my house sent out by router1 i have an xbox on the second floor of my house i want router2 to receive the signal from router1 and repeat it so i can the xbox to router2 via ethernet any ideas on how i can do this??I have the time zone/time server stuff set; but it won't find a time server for some reason.Is there a way to point it at a different time server, or manually enter the info?

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) - "my router lost the signal like a normal modem" - Lost what signal? Posted by Sems on 9/11/2007 AMHi - any ideas on how to unlock a speedstream from a previous ISP?