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Aaron rogers dating brady quinn

There has been no evidence to substantiate any criminal charge against any of the involved parties at this time and Kelso’s injuries were a result of an accident, not that of a deliberate act to injure him.

There is also no evidence that this incident was fueled by any racial biases.

Detectives have consulted with the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office, presenting all the information, facts and the findings of the investigation.

The District Attorney’s Office has agreed with the finding that no criminal conduct was discovered during the course of the investigation. If any future information or evidence is discovered the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit will conduct follow up and the case can be reopened if necessary.

Later, deputies received information from a social media outlet that the alleged assault was possibly race related.

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On Friday, 07/05/19, at approximately a.m., personnel from Mercy Medical Center called to report a possible assault victim, identified as Gregory Kelso (24), who was transported to the hospital with head and neck injuries.

During the initial investigation, it was determined that Kelso attended a Fourth of July celebration at a residence on Linda Lane in Cottonwood, CA.

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Kelso had already vomited and knocked things over while he was in the back yard and the concern was he might vomit inside the residence.