Absolutely of charge black dating

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Absolutely  of charge black dating

I put in a report to Florida Attorney General's office and FTC, for scamming seniors. I signed up for 3 Months and canceled auto billing. I want my money back or send real verifiable dates. I joined to try out on a whim based on it being highly recommended.

They hold no responsibility for anything on their site. KEEP YOUR MONEY AND DON'T WASTE IT ON THIS SITE!!!!

I filled out the questionnaire and back and forth with someone. I also tend to get men way older than me and out of my age range messaging. I’ve had matches that are 100 percent who never responded to me many times.

I feel like this website has more decent girls than guys that actually pay.

Having tried all the normal free apps (tinder, bumble, etc) and not having much luck, I decided it was time to try something a bit more sophisticated. I'm on my third week and there's been multiple days where I have not gotten any matches at all already.

Having seen commercials for years, I decided to try e Harmony and went ahead and purchased the 6-month plan. I'm 29, and I have my age range set from 24-32 with it being "somewhat important", meaning I'm still seeing people from 22-34. Since the end of the first week, the most I'll get is two in a day, but normally it's one or zero.

There are a number of reasons why that result occurred and I'd be happy to review your account and see if I can find more information.I paid for a full year and it is definitely a ripoff. If you’re a man go ahead and join you will find what you’re looking for easy.As I logged in the first time as a non paying customer, right off the bat a bunch of entries. I had one person, I think she worked for e Harmony or was a plant, bought her dinner but this match that was supposedly matched to me HAD NOTHING IN COMMON. If you’re a woman unless you’re full of money and/or perfect be prepared to be stood up or not messaged.I was never even told why they couldn't find any matches for me. Evidently, the good folks at e Harmony are of the opinion that people cannot change anything about themselves, even several years later.Once you've been labeled undesirable by e Harmony - well, that's it. Try Ok Cupid or some other site that treats its users with respect and doesn't label them for life.

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This does not reflect on you personally or your chances of finding a happy relationship. We wish you the best in finding a great relationship." So they brag about having this awesome, scientifically-based algorithm, I spend lots of time answering very personal questions about myself, and then I get that result. I logged onto my account tonight for the first time in three years, and, sure enough, they won't even let me retake the quiz.

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