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But learning disabilities create a gap between a person's true capacity and his day to day production and performance. Learning abilities and disabilities, Harvard University Medical School Health Letter, pp.

It's not always immediately obvious that a person has a learning disability.

Connect students to campus resources such as Peer Tutors or the Accessibility Resource Center.

Specific practices that may support a student with learning disabilities include: Prof.

It will focus on ESL teaching in terms of two considerations: classroom behaviors generally manifested by people who have learning disabilities and common sense techniques that can be incorporated into classroom routines to vastly improve the classroom environment for people having learning disabilities.

Although much of the following is drawn from work with children (there being scant literature on this subject vis a vis adults), a lot of the information is of value to all teachers. Melvin Levine, Director of the Clinical Center for the Study of Development and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: "Learning Disability is the term currently used to describe a handicap that interferes with someone's ability to store, process or produce information. The impairment can be quite subtle and go undetected throughout life.

It will describe classroom behaviors associated with several common learning problems, the results of research into them and it will offer practical suggestions to classroom teachers for working more profitably with these students.

Many of us who teach ESL have found ourselves wondering at one time or another whether a certain student might have a learning disability that is impeding his or her progress in English.

Levine cautions us that, as is the case with all students, we must remember to look for what he refers to as intra-individual balancing strengths and focus on them. Students with learning disabilities (LDs) may struggle in a language classroom, but ultimately reap the same benefits as others.Consider viewing our discussion on the definition of a learning disability as well as methods of identification by referring to the related resources section at the bottom of this page.Examples include untimed exams, a flexible attendance policy, use of a recorder in class, maintaining a shared set of class notes that can be accessed on line, extra review time, and opportunities for extra credit.Offer a broad array of options for studying, test taking and learning to all of your students.

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In many countries, learning disabilities are not recognized or, in some cases, they are recognized but not dealt with. Schools and the Culturally Diverse Exceptional Student: Promising Practices and Future Directions.