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Accommodating resistance machines

I hate blaming tools for injury when the fault is usually the user, but in this day of Instagram stars, we must be extra cautious with training recommendations.If you are in a situation where the proper coaching ratio is not available, don’t use variable resistance.In addition to the variable or accommodating resistance that the Sling Shot provides, it also acts to “cue” athletes and engrain a better bar path and elbow positioning during the bench press (and push-up). Partial range of motion with squats requires a lot of careful setup so the first and last inches are demanding.You should include full range of motion squatting during the season and early in the athlete’s development.It will provide practical applications for accommodating resistance that I have used with novice to high-level college and professional athletes over the last few years, validated by sports technology.It breaks down what I feel are the best and most applicable methods for nearly all levels. Organizing bands and chains requires a designated area to ensure the equipment is respected and maintained properly.Several great publications by coaches and researchers really raised the standard on using variable or accommodating resistance, but the small nuances are necessary for the technique to really make a change.What separates this article from others is its authenticity.

Bands and chains are not dangerous, but anything that adds force and complexity can be hazardous to the wrong users.

Intense overload is a mature and demanding training option, so I recommend just doing what you can and not worrying about adding chains and bands to your training equation.

The final warning is simply this: If you don’t put in the time and effort to properly design training and just wish to spice it up or add a trick to the trade, this isn’t for you.

If you are not able to write customized or semi-custom training programs, bands and chains may not work with your situation and would perhaps be better implemented with just a subset of your population.

It might be surprising that the first method I suggest is not a way to increase resistance, but a way to add assistance.

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