Account card processing validating credit cards

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Account card processing validating credit cards

By default, account creation can occur even though there is a ”no answer” error.Also, a ”no answer” error does not create checkpoint records, so you do not have to resolve the transaction.All other charge offer fees, even for those charge offers purchased the same day as account creation, are charged in the first billing cycle.For example, if a customer creates an account and then purchases an additional charge offer an hour later, the additional purchase fee is charged at the end of the current billing cycle.You can also specify whether to validate the charges.

When a customer creates an account, BRM uses the credit card processor to authorize the payment for the fees.

The Issuing bank authenticates the cardholder’s identity by requiring the entry of a password tied to the credit card.

Visa offers the protocol under the name Verified by Visa, Master Card as Master Card Secure Code, and JCB International as J/Secure.

By default, BRM validates credit cards by checking the customer's name and address and the credit card number.

You might want to turn validation off if the connection to the credit card processor is offline.

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Tip: If the credit card payment service is not available and you still want to create accounts, you must isolate those accounts for later credit card authorization.