Adult community dating discovery focused sexual

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The goal of the program is to help younger generations build non-violent and respectful relationships to prevent future intimate partner violence and relationship abuse.

The program was developed for coaches to easily integrate messages into their regular coaching sessions.

The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Model is a gender violence, bullying, and school violence prevention approach that encourages young men and women from all socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds to take on leadership roles in their schools and communities.

The training is focused on an innovative "bystander" model that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate.

If you do not have time to complete all ten sessions, the curriculum has suggestions for a six-session or four-session program.

It is important to realize, however, that the fidelity of the product and accompanying outcomes are best maintained by completing all ten sessions.

The Improve Group created an activity to examine curriculum based educational prevention programs and to identify ways they could be strengthened to improve effectiveness.It also develops skills for intervening in oppression at school, home and in the wider community.Youth leadership is cultivated with the expectation that campers will develop and carry out anti‐oppression and violence prevention initiatives in their own schools and communities, and/or connect to efforts currently underway.CAMPpeaceworks is a project of Berks Women in Crisis (BWIC) in Reading, PA.This five‐day summer day camp begins the process of developing youth as leaders in anti‐oppression work.

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The heart of the training consists of role-plays intended to allow students to construct and practice viable options in response to incidents of harassment, abuse, or violence before, during, or after the fact.

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