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Advice for dating a man with children

A certain amount of the single dad’s time will be spent on parental duties such as preparing meals, picking kids up from school or attending their soccer games and dance recitals.

This not only allows you to take some of that time for yourself, it allows the kids more alone time with their dad, which is healthy for them.

“What the parent can do is tell their kids, ‘I’m starting to date’ or ‘I’m looking for a companion,’ so that way they aren’t blindsided later on.” The resounding advice to dating someone with kids is communication, communication, communication. O’Reilly emphasizes that dating someone with kids can lead to a beautiful, fulfilling relationship if both people envision the same future together.

“Dating someone with kids is going to look different for everyone because not every parent has the same relationship with their kids,” says Dr. “One parent may see their kids every single day, while another person only sees them at holidays.Christie earned her master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Colorado.Even with just two people involved, dating can be challenging.Anyone who’s ever had children -- or even baby-sat -- knows that caring for them is a lot of work.When you have kids, it’s a lifetime commitment, and you often have to put the needs of your kids before your own.

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Because of this, single dads can be more mature, responsible and giving.