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Advice letter about dating

Ten months ago, we tried “hotwifing” (I had to look up the term because I originally thought it was about internet connection) with a dear friend whom we’ve been very close with for three years.

Long story short, we’re now in a full-fledged romantic relationship with him in a closed triad.

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for just about five years now. I made clear to him in the beginning that I am looking to get married and have children one day. He had previously been married for three years, no kids, and it was a very ugly divorce.

Just recently, the subject of marriage came up and he said, to my surprise, that he doesn’t ever want to marry again. I have a huge number of friends online all getting married and having children.

To say I’ve been looking forward to this next stage in our lives is an understatement. )I am 30 years old and I met a man close to my age on a dating app as most millennials do now.

He did say he’s happy to eventually have a ceremony and assume the titles of husband and wife, exchange rings, etc., but doesn’t want the government or religion involved. And I can’t even look at her Facebook page without crying because I feel like I missed the boat by being in the relationship I’m in.

My depression, for which I’m medicated but of course still hugely affected by, has certainly put a damper on our interactions.

I cry almost daily when I think about how late into my child-bearing years I am and how I’m with someone who doesn’t carry the same urgency to make it happen.

Should I take his distance as a sign to move on and just never talk to him again, should I call him out for for being more distant, or should I apologize for not telling him about the v-card before our night together?

— Recent Virgin This week in the forums we’re discussing: He texted: “What do you want from me??

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I am torn because a part of me wants to call him out for being unresponsive, but I also don’t want to come across as some crazy, clingy girl.