Albanians dating non albanians Sexdating in nederland

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And then, if he so much as mutters, he shall be destroyed, being stung in his whole face and his two eyes by my maxims, as if by hornets.

Aristophanes FYROMians, learn the truth about the 1881 "Manifesto" What Roger Casement actually wrote, you LIARS!!!

good point brother you hellinas,should know that,generaly we arent infected with that kind of orientalistic virus,because,yet we know that we are white,we are part of europe and and we aint sold our lands,the invadors took it,greeks for all the respect,i have nothing against greece and greeks i consider them brothers but,you dude,i think you should study too much and then talk.

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Unfortunately your history informs us that you're a people with no pride, no conciousness, no will to uphold traditions nor protect what is your, especially your country, hence why you openly converted to Islam spitting on what your forefathers stood for and became the Turk's lackeys during Ottoman occupation and why you sold out your country to invaders during ww2.

) Any possibility of some exaggerating going on here?

there is no doubt that albanians are white,the only problem is that many customs are changed thanks to islam but not forgotten,things will soon clear,the latest news are that,in kosovo the majority of the village people are converting into christianity, and the reason is that they want to save theyr customs and the religions of theyr uncles,and its also a sign against islam in albania kosova,and all albanian countries.

You also have many albanian non muslim nationalist forums,like

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and also the albanian nationalist front,many people there and not a single albo muslim.i hope someday a wpww,will be present in my country,and albanians taste the joy with white brothers once again,all we need is support of our brothers,.

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