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American baseball american dating america

Baseball’s Jim Bouton and “Ball Four” at the Library (July 8, 2019) Branch Rickey Crowdsourcing Project: It’s Outta Here!

(March 27, 2019) Hispanic Heritage Month: Mexican-Americans and Baseball (October 9, 2018) Baseball and World War I (September 27, 2018) Baseball Americana: The Unchanging Game (June 28, 2018) Baseball Americana: A House of Cards (June 21, 2018) Baseball Americana: Telling Stories Through Stats (June 14, 2018) Baseball Americana: Root, Root, Root’s Debut (June 7, 2018) Baseball Americana: Baseball’s Magna Carta (March 31, 2018) Japanese-America’s Pastime: Baseball (May 25, 2018) Baseball Americana: When Jackie Met Rickey (May 24, 2018) Baseball Americana: Playing Behind Barbed Wire (May 17, 2018) Baseball Americana: Baseball’s Greatest Hits (May 10, 2018) Baseball Americana: “Laws of Base Ball,” Babe Ruth’s Shoes and Jackie Robinson’s Letters to Be Displayed in New Exhibition (May 3, 2018) Play Ball!

Baseball in the Moving Image and Recorded Sound Collections (March 28, 2019) Talking Baseball and America with the Spirit of Studs Terkel (June 27, 2018) Film of the Washington Senators Winning the 1924 World Series Found! (May 22, 2014) Inside, Inside Baseball: A Look at the Construction of the Dataset Featuring the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Library of Congress Digital Collections (July 12, 2018) Baseball in Different Times and Places: A Trip around the Bases with Selected Primary Sources (June 4, 2019) Mathematics and Primary Sources: The Many Faces of Baseball (October 11, 2018) Women in Baseball: A Junior Fellow Meets the Bloomer Girls (August 14, 2018) Baseball, Bombs, and Wartime Decision-Making (March 1, 2018) Baseball, Music, and Suffrage?

Exploring the Music of the "National Pastime" (March 21, 2017) ] Exhibitions The Library's Exhibitions pages feature digitized versions of present and past physical exhibits held at the Library since the early 1990s. Below is a list of exhibits which include baseball-related materials, including, when possible, the individual pages on which the materials appear.

Below are Today in History features, arranged chronologically, that highlight baseball-related figures and events.

December 22, 1862 Cornelius Alexander Mc Gillicuddy, known as Connie Mack, the "Tall Tactician" of major league baseball, was born on December 22, 1862 in East Brookfield, Massachusetts. October 1, 1903 Boston Americans & Pittsburgh Pirates in the first game of the modern World Series. December 10, 1946 Walter Johnson died at the age of fifty-nine.

Baseball Across a Changing Nation From its first arrival on American shores, baseball has both reflected and advanced changes in society, including westward expansion, urbanization, racial integration, and struggles for participation by women.

(Branch Rickey Papers) (April 3, 2017) Forgive Us, Yogi, If We Laugh Through Our Tears (September 23, 2015) A Whole New Ballgame (May 6, 2015) Batter Up!

Some collections are digitized and made available online.

You can locate records that include references to baseball through the VHP online database.

They illustrate the remarkable congruence between the evolution of the sport from before the Civil War to the present, and the musical counterparts that have chronicled in song baseball’s greatest moments.

Baseball items in this exhibit appear on the page Popular Culture: from Baseball to Rock and Roll, which mentions the resemblances between cricket and baseball and includes an early reference to the game Facsimiles of baseball materials from the Library's collections are now part of an exhibit at Nationals Park.

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Roger Maris Broke the Record The Sousa Band Ty Cobb Made His 4,000th Hit World-Class Athlete Jim Thorpe Was Born ] Blogs The Library of Congress features multiple blogs emphasizing the collections and services of its reading rooms and divisions.