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A collaboration between Albarn and the award-winning young opera director Rufus Norris, Doctor Dee is based on the colourful life of John Dee, a 16th century scientific genius who was a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare.It is also a celebration of England itself – hemmed in like a boar between arches, a kingdom of music and myth, magic and melancholy. Austin was a typical small town in Pat's childhood and he enjoyed living in Tarrytown (the country back then) where his family had some acreage. "Pat" 1935 to April 14, 2019 Born in Austin Texas to Virginia Holland Laird and Langston Smith in the old Seton Hospital, Pat was raised in Tarrytown and he attended a private kindergarten, then Pease Elementary, University Junior High, Schreiner Military School and graduated from Austin High in 1954.Then Gorillaz went supernova, proving that with enough musical chemistry and marketing genius, lightning can strike twice.An audacious Chinese opera and a promiscuous, prolific string of collaborations followed.

Albarn turned from the Britpop Jude Law to the Martin Amis of modern music - a pop polymath and cultural icon, often divisive but impossible to ignore, a Serious Artist never troubled by niggling doubts about the limits of his talents.Stephen Dalton at the Manchester International Festival finds Damon "the Martin Amis of Britpop" Albarn's musical about the life of Dr John Dee to be a flawed production.Perhaps he should call intended collaborator Alan Moore to help him fix it?His real hobby was motorcycles and he had them all and not one of them brand new but all of them fast. He got his fill of the Texas Oilfields very quickly but stayed in the oil industry for many years.He enjoyed this sport with his son, Bradley and they did flat track racing in and around the Beaumont and Houston area. He para sailed off the Pacific Coast, sky diving at Fentress, Texas and riding his Norton Road Commando at 110 M. He worked for 17 years finally as one of the youngest plant managers in the industry at Gulf Coast Machine and Supply and was mentored by Clifford Le Blanc the owner.


While still in Beaumont was active in civic affairs and was elected by the Beaumont Jaycees as their state director and was a working member of the YMBL. James Episcopal church where he was the Sunday School Superintendent and on the Vestry there and his wife Cynthia was the church secretary.

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