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Before the election, Democrats held 104 seats, Republicans held 41 seats, an independent held one seat, and four seats were vacant.

Following the election, Democrats held 106 seats, Republicans held 43 seats, and an independent held one seat.

For more information about the Republican primaries, click here. The New York State Senate was identified as a battleground chamber. Democrats increased their majority in the New York State Senate from 32-31 to 40-23.

Seven Democratic incumbents were defeated in the primary, but six of the defeated incumbents advanced to the general election as Independence Party candidates.

Tammy Baldwin (D–Wisc.)The bill was introduced by Rep. It has 240 co-sponsors, including every Democrat in the House except for Rep. The Equality Act works by modifying the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Housing Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and other federal statutes concerned with discrimination and segregation.

Its reach includes public accommodations, public education, lending, housing, federal assistance programs, Medicare and Medicaid, employment, housing, public facilities, and more.

The Democratic supermajority in the State Assembly increased. However, Republicans controlled the chamber, as one Democratic state senator caucused with the Republican Party. House • Congressional special elections • Governor • Attorney General • State executive offices • State Senate • State Assembly • Special state legislative • Local judges • Local ballot measures • School boards • Municipal • Democratic primaries • Republican primaries Democrats gained control of the chamber and expanded their majority in the 2018 elections for the New York State Senate, winning 40 seats to Republicans' 23. At the time of the election, Democrats held 32 seats to Republicans' 31. Democrats won nine of those elections, including seven in Republican-held seats, while Republicans won the remaining three. Ballotpedia identified 12 of the races as battlegrounds, including 10 Republican-held districts and two Democratic-held districts.

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Data on the results of the 20 presidential elections broken down by state legislative districts was compiled by Daily Kos.