Are demi and joe dating july 2016

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Are demi and joe dating july 2016

Her hospital dash comes just weeks after it was revealed she had broken her six years of sobriety, which she had celebrated in March this year.A number of celebrities have rallied around the singer, including some of her ex boyfriends.Demi and Joe dated in 2010 after starring in Camp Rock together.

However, it is believed the 25-year-old refused to tell paramedics what drugs she had taken.The two were not shy about showing off their affection in public.However, as Gigi began to travel the world for her modeling career and Joe began to focus on his music, the distance took a toll.I’m sorry, but even as a teeny-bopper, admitting that you liked the Jonas Brothers was kind of embarrassing. We’re already lined up to buy tickets to their The Greatest Tour Ever shows (although it is a bit of an arrogant name for a band’s first tour ever).Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas began dating when Swift was just entering the entertainment business.

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Some of Demi Lovato’s exes have spoken out in support of the singer after news broke she had been hospitalised following a ‘suspected overdose’.

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