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Are mtv dating shows fake

's Cara Maria Sorbello, Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett, Nicole Zanatta and Derrick Henry, all meet duplicates of their celebrity crushes.According to MTV, the contestants are "forced to look beyond each identical face in hope of finding their perfect match." The show uses a series of compatibility tests and dates as each "clone" does his or her best to stand out from the lookalike competition.To make you squirm even more, bleeps are added in post-production to make it sound like the family are swearing at each other much more than they really are.Contestants from cupcake wars come from bakeries all over the United States to compete.

The boom in these shows has been a result of people wanting to escape their own lives and live vicariously through these real people.But it turns out that the fancy technology which shows their weight loss is all fake and they are weighed and measure a full two-days beforehand.In addition, the medical professionals authenticity has been questioned numerous times, with some claiming they are not qualified to hand out drugs.From drama and major arguments to over the top personalities and the super rich, reality TV truly presents people from all ends of the spectrum.We hate to break it to you, but despite viewers getting invested and taking to social media to voice their strong opinions, so many of these reality shows are scripted and present contrived situations to keep a storyline riveting.

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