Are quinn and rachel dating

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Upon discovering her pregnancy, Quinn convinces Finn that he is the father, despite the fact that they never actually had a sexual encounter.

Quinn claims that due to his premature ejaculation problem, and during their time in a hot-tub, Finn had ejaculated in the tub and Quinn had received the sperm.

After seeing a picture of a happy Beth and Puck, Quinn resumes her normal appearance, and Will and the New Directions welcome her back into the club, but Quinn reveals to Puck she is only pretending to behave in order to take Beth back from Shelby, and intends to pursue full custody.

Sue then enlists the three of them to help her destroy the glee club from the inside.Quinn cheats on Sam with Finn, and Sam dumps Quinn after she lies to him about her time with Finn.She and Finn reunite, and Quinn starts campaigning for junior prom king and queen elections.Quinn returns to Lima for Will and Emma's wedding in "I Do", and evidently single again, vents her frustrations about men.She and Santana get drunk at the wedding reception and sleep together, which they agree was a fun one-time, and then two time, experimentation for Quinn.

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At prom, Finn is thrown out for fighting with Rachel's date Jesse St. Quinn is not named prom queen, and blames Rachel for her loss.