Arizona radiogenic helium dating laboratory

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Laboratory for Electron Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis The Laboratory for Electron Spectroscopy and Surface provides analytical and educational services to the department and university on the preparation, modification, and study of solid surfaces.

Behavioral Measurement and Interventions Shared Resource The Behavioral Measurement and Interventions Shared Resource provides support to researchers investigating human lifestyle behaviors such as diet, physical activity, anthropometrics measurement, health risks, etc.

Research, Discovery & Innovation oversees many shared research facilities.

This extensive offering provides faculty, scientists and students with access to not only to the latest instrumentation, but also to experienced staff with expertise in designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data.

Center for Photoelectron Spectroscopy (PES)The Center for Gas-Phase Electron Spectroscopy is a multi-user, shared instrumentation facility within the Chemistry Department.

The focus of research in the Center is the investigation of the electronic structure of large, neutral molecules by gas-phase photoelectron spectroscopy.

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