Asking for a girls number online dating church of god dating website

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Asking for a girls number online dating

They are basically qualifying themselves very early.

Still I don't recommend It, giving away too much control. When I was at the university I would get numbers like it was nothing. After I built my team up, I stopped getting numbers. I started giving my number out and tell them hit me up when your down to chill.

I don't know why this works online but not IRL, but it does. Try to get her to meet up later or next week for drinks. If she's hesitant tell her to "bring a friend" and "it'll be fun". This Tariq dude talks a lot, but has anyone SEEN anything from him.

To each his own but I give women three tries to respond the way I want. What was dope was that I could sneakily give a girl my # w/out making a big scene.

Girls almost never call guys, and chances are unless you made a spectacular first impression, you want to bang her more than she wants to bang you. People can say what they want about the other PUA's, but at least there's some kind of footage to judge from. lol Always get their number on the spot, some way some how.

Ergo, if you don't call her and move things along, nothing will ever happen. A lady taking your number is a perfect way out of not texting you.

The Standard Narrative is the guy taking the girl's number, and him having to call her. Then, a week later, she messages me, asking if I've forgotten about her. His argument is basically that as a "Mack" you should never do the chasing but let the girl chase you instead. This method only works when you don't care about her, but it does establish her as the chaser and in any scenario saves you time.

If she calls you, you know shes interested and if she doesnt well then she wasnt interested. I will say this, when I have given out my AND the girl has actually followed up on it the following meet has been very positive.

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If you want to put the ball in her court, do it on your terms. If she's really into you or you can demo some serious value she will call but other than that I wouldn't hold my breath. I said we should meet up the next day, and retracted that the minute I found out that the next day it was Valentine's Day.