Aspie dating an aspie

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Aspie dating an aspie

Asperger’s Syndrome is a form of autism, which is a lifelong disability that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people.Autism is often described as a ‘spectrum disorder’ because the condition affects people in many different ways and to varying degrees.These may include dyslexia and dyspraxia or other conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and epilepsy.Asperger’s Syndrome is mostly a ‘hidden disability’.For example, they may: People with Asperger’s can be imaginative in the conventional use of the word.For example, many are accomplished writers, artists and musicians.Asperger’s is not caused by a person’s upbringing, their social circumstances and is not the fault of the individual with the condition.

Although the deficits of a man with AS become painfully clear in time, they often present as normal in the beginning of a relationship.

There are many approaches, therapies and interventions, which can improve an individual’s quality of life.

These may include communication-based interventions, behavioural therapy and dietary changes.

Information about many of these approaches can also be found on the National Autistic Society’s website.

If you think you have Asperger’s and would benefit from a diagnosis then the next step you should take on the NHS route is to make an appointment with your GP.

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