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Posted by / 01-Mar-2020 21:24

Aspx designer cs file not updating

I tried several times but every time LINQ designer was deleting my autogenerated data classes.I googled and found an amazing answer by Marc Gravell at this stackoverflow question.The position of using statements was the source of problem!!!I had extended the LINQ generated partial classes and the first statement in that file was “using System”.Normally this updates the model and doesn’t usually break anything (unless you say delete a field that is in use in your code in which case the compile error is an artefact you want).Today this process seemed to go completely haywire for no reason.During beta, my solution looked looked like this: In my code behind, I have a mixture of strongly typed View Page objects and the standard View Page. I can now delete cs and leaving me with just the file.

So for anyone else that experiences the same problem, try moving your using statements after the namespace declaration.

Click on Forward, and you will be presented with some additional features that can be added to your Solution, such as packaging and translation. There’s a page called Default.aspx, and grouped with it are its C# Code Behind files cs and

These features can be added later, and are only shown at this point for your convenience. There’s a file for global application code, with Code Behind in cs, and there’s a Web.config file for application settings.

Open the file, and add an on Click attribute to your button. Note that we can access the output Label control because Mono Develop defined it in the class, and due to this, Mono Develop is able to provide code completion.

This specifies the name of a method that will be run when the button is clicked. Run the page, and clicking the button will now produce some feedback, by updating the label with the number of times you’ve clicked it.

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However, if your upgrading from beta, you will need to change your ASPX pages.