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That’s about as straightforward as I can say it, because even though some soccer mom Hotwives can meet a guy in a club on girl’s night out and end up with him in the Ladies room with her panties on the floor and her ass in a lavatory sink having sex with a guy she has only known for thirty minutes that she danced with a few times, there WAS chemistry. That’s because the better her results are, the more open minded she will become.

August 3, 2016I would say I am a fairly typical female.

My husband tells me that it’s difficult to explain certain things to me because I’m not a logical thinker.

Our two most memorable events of that sort was a Super Bowl Party at a marina where the only person Michael knew, was the host of the party, where I almost consummated a relationship with a guy I met who was showing me his boat privately, and a wedding reception at a hotel in Tampa for one of my former law firm workmates, where I did consummate a relationship with one of the groomsman from Colorado because I was drunk.

My husband was thrilled that I ended up spending the night in the wrong room!

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Based on a lot of the shit he tries to “explain” to me, I would also say I am much better off being an emotional thinker.

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