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When considering crossing a bar, the best catch phrase for skippers - who are ultimately responsible for the safety of all on board - is If in doubt, don't go out.

There is still a little sibling aggression - practice for life? Both chicks are growing, exercising those little wings, moving around the nest. The chicks are receiving 11 or 12 feeds a day, mostly by the female. The two eggs were laid around 73 hours apart and hatched about 33 hours apart, after delayed incubation of the first egg.

Cameras are operational from 5 am until 9 pm daily, Central Australian time.

The department provides a number of webcam views, including Adelaide city, as a service to people interested in undertaking recreational boating activities in gulf waters near the Port of Adelaide at Outer Harbor, North Haven, West Beach, O'Sullivan Beach, Edithburgh and offshore waters to the south near Granite Island.

We shall be watching from the ground though and everything will be restored as soon as possible. Over the past weeks, a young sub-adult has visited the nest several times, though we have not seen any interaction with the breeding pair.

The adults are still in the area and even brought sticks to the nest yesterday SE21 is thriving in rehabilitation care at Higher Grounds Raptor Centre.

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We are also investigating attaching a satellite tracker to her tail feathers, in order to track her progress post release. Our young fledgling Sea-eagle SE 21 is now at Higher Grounds Raptor Centre, for continuing rehabilitation.