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Ewing called the couple's return storyline "a great, fun opportunity".Bianca starts to flirt with fellow teacher Liam and they develop an attraction.Gormley said "this is the man she cares so much for and she comes face-to-face with losing him and it's devastating — she's so scared she might lose him.

Stars in and won it with fabulous partner Luda Kroitor.

However, Charlie is not allowed to be seen with a known criminal such as Darryl.

To protect them, Bianca and Heath tell the police they were driving the vehicle.

He added that Gormley had already signed with a United States-based management firm.

An Eye for an Eye in late She told Shannon Molloy of news.

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A jet-setter at a very young age, Samara Weaving spent her formative years moving between a ton of different countries including Australia, Singapore, Fiji, and Indonesia.