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Baptist dating tip

Labor typically brings nausea and decreased digestion and most physicians request that you limit your intake to only ice, gum and a hard candy once active labor has been declared.Lip balm, moisturizer, a toothbrush, your favorite conditioner, shampoo and body wash are all items that will help you feel refreshed.

Often moms stress the most about who to call since they are stuck at the hospital.

The hospital has some of these items, however, they will probably not be as comforting and refreshing as your own!

Baptist Health will provide you with a comprehensive informational handbook, but the doctors and nurses will also give you a lot of information before leaving the hospital, you or your spouse may also find benefit in having your own notebook to make a list or a note that you could look at and refer to later.

Keep your list of contacts close and make sure your children know the plan as well as the schools they attend.

Keep your baby’s feet warm with socks or booties, and mittens. Newborns have fingernails and they often scratch their face very easily immediately after birth.

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Look out for the weather temperature ahead of time.

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