Bariatricdating com

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Bariatricdating com

I am one of those people who believed all hope was gone. but since starting back on track, 80 pounds of that regain is now gone. Bad carbs and lack of good solid information sent me to a bad place. We created it based on our success and the success of those who have followed in our footsteps.We have an entire community of people just like who you have either lost their Regain with the Inspire Diet or are on the path to losing right now.This delicious dessert or snack is for persons who are at least 6 months post-op as the fresh berries may be problematic if eaten sooner.

Post Bariatric Eating Commandment #5: You Shall Take Small Bites Take bites only as big as a pea, pencil eraser, or a dime when eating after bariatric surgery.

A small bite of food in your mouth guarantees only a small bite of food will find its way down to your stomach.

Having only a small amount of food trying to pass a gastric band (or through the new opening created between the pouch and small intestine by a gastric bypass) will lessen your chances of causing an obstruction.

Then I found the Inspire Diet and my life turned around.

Now I’m honored to be on the team, encouraging others just like me who thought losing regain was impossible.”The Inspire Diet is a tried-and-true formula of Inspire Protein meals, protein-rich recipes and 24/7 Facebook support that offers you all the tools you need to succeed at beating REGAIN once and for all.

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