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In Belgium there are twelve 'official' public holidays, though two of them fall on a Sunday - Easter Sunday and Whitsun (Pentecost).Other holidays may also celebrated, but these are not official public holidays.The three community days are holidays for their government and administrative employees and may also be observed by banks in the community.Bank holidays that fall in a weekend will NOT be held any other day.All-weather Tyres • Designed to cope with all sorts of conditions - good performance delivered throughout the year • Moderate natural rubber content to stop the tyre hardening in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius – enhancing grip • Designed with moderate tread depths that have been engineered to help deliver a longer tread life than many summer tyres It's not only on snow and ice that winter tyres come into their own.Once the thermometer drops lower than 7°C, all season and winter tyres provide you with reduced braking in wet conditions and lessen the risk of aquaplaning - when the snow begins to thaw.

Finally, the Prosecution Counsel decides which offences will be prosecuted.If that's the case, then you will be required to vote in all of Belgium’s local elections too.Compulsory voting in Belgian elections The legal proceedings and the penalties for neglecting the compulsory vote are regulated in the articles 209 and 210 of the Belgian Electoral Code.This allows winter tyres to remain flexible and perform better in lower temperatures.Your guide to the general differences between the tyres: Summer Tyres • Optimum from Spring through to Autumn.


You only are obliged to vote IF you register and are listed on the polls.