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It’s so true what they say about the company you keep! Their first night, they simply fell into one of the traps on Wenceslas Square like I had.I eventually discovered that it’s quite common to find Ukrainian and Russian girls offering their tight bodies for just a few dollars in these insider brothels, Asian kittens too. whether you crave a teen Czech plaything or even group action, girls here are eager to serve you and have absolutely no limits. Very familiar story by this point – paid way too much, received way too little, and dealt with rude and pushy people the entire night. Anyway, their second night out ended more tragically as one was attacked on the street while waiting for his partner to finish his business inside.The average working woman in many of those is over 30 years old, and many are overweight and disgusting.If you’re in charge of organizing a stag do, or want to just get out and do some mongering in Prague, I have one very important suggestion: Do your homework beforehand.Unfortunately, the only brothels I visited my first time were poor establishments; they were shams.In fact, I spent so much money on such shoddy women that I’m actually embarrassed to tell you all the details.Prague red light district is no place to cut your teeth.

By the time my plane landed in Prague, I thought I was prepared for what to expect. I wish I could tell you that my first adventure was a night of bliss to never forget! Every brothel you see, you don’t know if it’s a tourist trap or a gold mine.

But there another side to the Czech working girls scene, as locals all know.

I first became fascinated with the whole topic a few years back when I was about to embark on an extended trip to the famed Czech capital and had just watched a television documentary that really got me excited.

), and during those outings you’ll fare no better than you would in Amsterdam or Brussels – in fact most likely worse.

The central district of Prague is expensive, whether its food, lodging, or services.

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I was actually speechless, I couldn’t believe my eyes.