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they didn't think about what a marriage was really for.

There's no way I'd stick my penis in someone like that, especially if I was planning on having children because I'd be worried my kid would grow up a moron because of her. Men are not willing to agree to "commit" to a "while you make me happy" are not "scared of commitment." They are scared that their would-be wives value and understand commitment.then it turned out that women were divorcing their husbands at an alarming rate and taking all his was only in the last few years that men have realized that the marriage is dead.before women gave sex away so easily, men were dying to marry women.Another friend said something similar when I told him about a date who thought that rape culture doesn’t exist and that men are just as disadvantaged as anyone else because they’re pressured to take the initiative in relationships. These aren’t the only people to warn me not to “be too picky.” The advice is all over self-help books and dating blogs.And it’s constantly given specifically to women with high standards by well-meaning friends – which is why I’m writing about this group in this article, although other (especially marginalized) a/genders might also experience this phenomenon.

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now women are dying to get married in their late 20s and early 30s so they can lock in that lottery for's funny though.