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However, Millie and Jacob’s relationship didn’t last more than several months.Apparently, there are rumors that Jacob broke up with Brown because of her closeness with Noah, but that’s not true.Well, both have been best friends since the release of season 1.And yes they also talked about their true friendship in the past. Yes indeed, but both of them still left to officially confirm about their chemistry.The ALDC competes against Bella Hoffheins and Kaeli Ware, two girls who replaced them during the mothers' protest.

Christi returns and feuds with Kelly, while Melissa tries to play peacemaker.when a fan asked Millie to kiss Noah during a live stream and they reacted strangely.Also, they lovey-dovey got named as “Nillie” but not so long after Brown started dating young and talented American singer Jacob Sartorius.The cast talks about the past and the upcoming season, with topics including: Abby's love-life; charging for meet-and-greets; Kelly's return; a strain in Kelly and Christi's relationship; the fight between Cathy and Christi at nationals; and Paige's relationship with Abby.Abby is disappointed with the girls for skipping dance class; Abby holds an open audition hoping to replace Brooke and Paige; Abby welcomes Ally Serigne as a new dancer; Chloe and Maddie compete against each other; Mackenzie has a hair-mishap during her dance; Cathy discusses creating an all-boy team.

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