Blind dating film 2016 wiki

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Blind dating film 2016 wiki

At one point Craig even says: "I will enter Hell for Jenni". At times it was even too much for me; I was happier when Picchio was showing rather than telling.There are also minor pacing issues, especially near the start.At the beginning I wasn't sure I was going to be very impressed, but as it went on and the actual themes became clear I really warmed to it.If you go into The Blind King expecting traditional ghosts, frights and horrors you're going to be disappointed.After the death of Vanessa Carlysle, Deadpool broke into Blind Al's to retrieve some of the cocaine he had hidden there, which was next to the cure to blindness.Blind Al told him that she was sorry about Vanessa.While at a laundromat one day, Al ran into Wade Wilson, who was in the middle of removing bloodstains from his clothes.

Things start in a fairly standard manner with Craig (Aaron Stielstra) and his young daughter Jennifer (Eleonora Marianelli) moving into a new house.At this stage it's still pretty standard stuff, albeit more stylish than usual.We have a lot of clichés including Jenni's strange drawings, a creepy attic and dolls. Jenni's only friend is a doll called Maggie and Craig's only friend is his sister Susan (Désirée Giorgetti) with whom he is constantly arguing.After Vanessa was eventually kidnapped by Ajax, Wade, determined to rescue her, returned to Al's home and took all of the house's firearms, despite having to convince Al to hand over a pistol concealed in her sock.With that, the mercenary left the house after telling Al that there was "a stash of cocaine next to the cure for blindness".

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This is appropriately surreal and suggests a man racked not just with grief but with guilt.