Bludevilgirl 822k dating

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Bludevilgirl 822k dating

The message said "2trueblue4you06 / Hey, I got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can't guess who I am!

My username's 2trueblue4you06, if you" The message stopped there, and immediately another text message from the same sender came saying "2trueblue4you06 / wanna come see if you recognize me online, at 2trueblue4you06.Well, hope to see you soon!

Our website has been used by millions of visitors to find out who is calling them.

we got a sms msg say hello it is bludevilgirl come see when you know us at date trip. soon as you search that website this was no where to be found.

& we wanna recognise why i am receiving sms with randoms soon as we hardly provided this no. We are with telus, we believe these people should have some kind of record as to where these msgs are coming from. We are a Fido customer & we got this msg earlier today with Hope0707 as well.

we want to recognise when the individual who was sending these msgs was pin pointing guys or girls specifically! we had a sms last evening (may 25) with lonwolf624 .

Below you can read comments left by other users for the phone number 641-691-2937.

The strange thing is, I have been avoiding giving away my information to "contests." I've only given it away to my friends. Guy from Chicago, masking his own number and calling other peoples wives and attempting to cause problems between them. I guess his ex-wife dumped him and now he cant handle that.... Received a call from this number saying "my account" was being debited 9 for Microsoft renewal. They insisted I sign on with them on my computer to stop the debit.

I was at a party last night and thought someone had legitimately got my number from a friend. A similar scam is going around by a different title.

I figured out the only friend it could have been, and was getting mad that she would give out my number, UNTIL I read this thread. Some freaking loser with a lame site and no action, trying to promote. I got spam text message from a fake phone number (it said the phone number was a5000).

net website, however she was on the 1st website we mentioned. was there some thing we should be cautious about???

How she gets my mobile telephone no.s was a mystery to us (i'm with Telus as well) however we have never ever replied to any emails with the dating website Mate1. Yep, had the exact identical msg two times just ten seconds ago (the skeptic in us often resorts to Google):. with a buddy of mine, however we bet you cannot guess who we am!

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