Board dating game game

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Board dating game game

The German page is: An e-mail is provided: e-mail.

Send game rules (in PDF file format less than 5MB) and a photo of the game. For childrens games ages 5 (even 3 ) you may use this e-mail.

The winner is then published with the sponsorship of Cartamundi (world leader manufacturer of playing cards), and launched during the Essen and Lucca fairs - as a real "classic" for collectors." FRED Distribution To get the process started, please send them a brief description of your game via e-mail. Gamewright Send an e-mail to Jason Schneider (VP, Product Development) specifying the following information: Because of their high volume of submissions they cannot say how long it will take to respond.

Nevertheless they do review each and every submission.

Live Oak Games They are not accepting submissions (from Patrick Matthews).

Games they are interested in publishing include: CURRENT SUBMISSION STATUS UNKNOWN All Things Equal, Inc. JKLM Games E-mail bounced back, no other way to contact this Publisher.Tip #1 – Enlist your spouse, I guarantee they’ll be on board with this date night for two! All kinds of board games, but especially board games. Anyway, when I told him about this fun bedroom board game idea he was all over it! And the super neat thing is, every time you play you can change it up because YOU are in charge!Cut out your board game (use this to get perfectly straight lines)! He actually has a dream to design his own family board game someday…. He had all these different ideas for what we could do. This game is a great way to help you connect with your spouse. Rio Grande Games *** Under Review *** The only way to get Rio Grande to look at a game is to go see Jay at a convention, and you can demo your game for him there. Winning Moves (Germany) *** Under Review *** Submission Info: mid=6&cid=6 BGDF member says they no longer accept submissions.

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North Star Games *** Under Review *** No explicit page indicating that they accept outside submissions.

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  1. Created by indie developer Dean Moynihan of Awkward Silence Games (who also created the acclaimed, deeply moving game One Chance), Things We Lost was first conceived to be massively multiple storytelling game: "The original idea was for players to find notes that I had written, to tell a short story out of order," he tells me. Once I figured out a way for the players to be doing all the prose work, it was smooth sailing from there." That decision enhanced his intent to simulate loneliness: "The only thing that could feel more lonely than floating in the middle of the ocean by yourself," he explains, "would be floating in the middle of the ocean by yourself -- and reading notes from other living people." Though the game has only been out for a short time, players have written over 6,000 notes to each other, running the gamut of useful to the game, to creatively discursive, to surprisingly profound: majority of messages appear to be from players genuinely sharing secrets and stories about themselves -- or at the very least, pretending to.

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