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Some of the most beautiful Colombian women that are widely recognized by many all over the world are pop singer Shakira, hot Colombian actress based in Hollywood Sofia Vergara, twin models Camila and Mariana Davalos, and Miss Colombia 2008 winner Michelle Rouillard.In Colombia, I would say the dating culture is more social circle or group oriented compared to other Latin nations I’ve been to.Bogota is fast becoming a prime travel destination for mongers of all types, and more and more also among the LGBTQ crowd. In fact, Bogota has a thriving scene, with one of the biggest gay/trans clubs in the world (more on that later.) The ladies here are very hot, and very plentiful.

Bogota is actually pretty big, with over 8 million people strewn about.You have to come by for at least one night, so make sure you allow some time for it.If you’re in the Zona Rosa part of town, check out El Mozo over on (Calle 85 #12-51).If you dance like there’s a chipmunk up your ass, those pretty Colombian girls will likely freak out and they might just call the bouncers on your ass. The obvious downside to this MO is that you got to spend some money.If you have a bit of cash to splash, then give this method a shot, otherwise, just approach head-on.

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It’s no secret that due to the drug trafficking activities and violence involving the notorious Pablo Escobar and the cartels back in the day, relatively few have the desire to consider Colombia as their vacation destination, and even fewer would consider making the journey just to check out the cute Colombian girls runningaround the country.