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I know every article on the internet tells you to run from borderline women, but I do things differently around these parts.My relationship history is full of attractive BPD women. But, I made it out alive and have managed to remain amazing friends with many women who (most likely) have BPD.Everything that she said about me, ways that she acted, things that she said, hurt bad. I'm not trying to whine here, but she said, usually during her drinking binges, things like, "the only reason that I'm with you is because I don't have to work." Ouch. Now that I'm thinking about it, the relationship with the borderline was similar to my ex wife's but it was just amplified.Probably the one that hurt the most was, "I don't want you tonight, I want him." Those things scar you. She said things blatantly, while my ex wife had to be drunk to make such accusations.For now, suffice it to say that you need to be aware of it, what it can do, and how it can affect you.

But, you never hear about them because they’re too busy enjoying themselves. This is because people turn to internet forums when they’re struggling. For the inexperienced man, BPD relationships are complicated. We are safer and healthier than any other time in history. The whole entire point of changing your mindsets is this: Poor mindsets lead to a lack of mental and emotional control.

I can confidently say that you’ll find these characteristics in most women, lol.

A powerful set of relationships mindsets are the answer for dating women with BPD. I teach men and women to how to have better relationships through mindset training.

Men date Borderlines because women with BPD are usually attractive.

Inexperienced men jump through all the hoops because they are desperate for her. We all want to fall in love with a beautiful women.

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Some still refuse to admit they have aren’t perfect ;) Anyway, BPD is a Cluster B personality disorder that is rather common these days from my experience.

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