Brie larson dating john patrick amedori

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The 38-year-old is a successful musician, producer, actor, and former model.

Greenwald is also the lead singer of the band Phantom Planet, which was first founded in 1994; the band has released four studio albums and opened for many famous groups.2) They possibly met through music: While the exact circumstances that led to Brie Larson dating Alex Greenwald are unclear—Larson likes to keep her private life quiet—it has been speculated that the celebrity couple met sometime in 2013, following Larson’s 2012 breakup with actor John Patrick Amedori, and were likely connected through mutual associates or via their involvement in the music industry (Larson was a pop singer before acting).3) She keeps mentioning him in speeches: Brie Larson has been on a tear with all the awards she’s won lately, the newest being, as we previously mentioned, the award for Best Actress at last night’s Oscars for her role in .

He has given a significant performance in multiple TV shows which include Philly, State of Grace, Still Standing, Ghost Whisperer, Law, and Order: Special Victims Unit, The Cleaner, Law, and Order: LA and Hindsight.

He currently appears as Gabe in the television series, Dear White People in 2017.

The actor has embraced his acting skills in numerous movies including Unbreakable, Little Athens; Love Is the Drug, The Family Tree, Jayne Mansfield’s Car, The Last Stand, Rays of Light, Beautiful Now and The Vatican Tapes.

In addition to that, John landed on the television screen with the television series, Law, and Order where he portrayed Zack in 2001.

Here are five interesting tidbits relating to Larson’s new boyfriend and what could be a very long-term relationship.1) Who is Alex Greenwald?

As sad earlier, John Patrick embarked his professional career as a child artist while he was eleven years old as Lead in 1998 film, D Minus.

Sadly, instead of getting married, the longtime couple ended their engagement in Januray 2019.

Previously, Brie dated John Patrick Amedori in 2008.

After dating for four years, the lovey-dovey couple parted ways in 2014.

Also, the actress dated actor Cody Linley for a year from 2006 to 2007.

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Going by what she said during her above acceptance speeches, he’s apparently good with her puppy, taking care of it in her absence, and supportive of his girlfriend and her very busy career.

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