Brooke hogan dating colby odonis

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this the christ chapteri’m sick enough to take my lifethen take your life afterdon’t take me light or play me lightwe two of the samegod melted a rubic’s cube into fluid and threw it in my intuitive braini’m eating food for moving music in a gratuitous lanei threw twice, now i’m running through it til im through with the gameyou can find me under a black cloud i’m a dark staronly thing i hate worse than a mark, is a marked cari climb mountains like marvin gaye, tammy terrellif you could put a face with my style it’d be samuel cassel’si switched the fire up like i am a tranny from hellwhat i got in my hand right now should remind you of stanley burrellcuz its the hammer the cannon you can dance with the shellsmy pet peeves are granny panties and planning to faili’m a heavyweight, i’m catastrophic when i set it like farenheit 9/11,meditate till the levees breaki tar and feather featherweight till my fetti straightthe mac 11 will clap your melon and give your ass spaghetti faceuh, you ever look inside some dying eyes?you’ll see surprise and realize theres no denying godwhen was the last time that you heard that the iron tried?However, before the deal was finalized, O'Donis' management set up a meeting between O'Donis and Akon.They got in the studio where Colby played Akon his first demo of fourteen songs, and Akon loved and "really connected with it".

" later that year, in addition to his single "I Wanna Touch You" being released to radio.

The music video for the latter premiered on July 27, 2009.

Also in that year, he was featured in the Akon song "Beautiful".

A few weeks later, they set up a session and began working on music where O'Donis said they had really good chemistry from the start.

At this time, Akon told O'Donis that he was starting his own label, called Konvict Muzik, and asked if he wanted to be a part of it.

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