Bsd update not updating kernel sources

Posted by / 31-Jan-2021 16:54

Bsd update not updating kernel sources

Remove /usr/src and fetch Free BSD 9.0-RELEASE-p N, for instance: If you delete /usr/src in order to fetch a different version you might loose you kernel configuration file.The simpliest way to avoid this is to keep kernel configs in /root/kernels directory, for instance.Bear in mind that some updates will not make any kernel changes and will not require a kernel rebuild.

I'm presently using a mix between freebsd-update and manually installing from .../9.2-RELEASE/but I would like to know if anyone else as a better/faster/cleaner/easier way of doing it.As an example, you may build a release without ports or documentation and .After removing functionality pertaining to the documentation subroutine and altering the buildworld() subroutine in scripts/build.subr, the freebsd-update-code will successfully build update code on this release.Only the installation of a new kernel and the userland will require root privileges. You can retrieve or update the sources for your release using anoncvs over ssh by specifying the correct branch tag.For example, to checkout the sources for the Net BSD 6.1 release branch, you would use: kernel.

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Use freebsd-update to upgrade the rest of the system and rebuild the kernel from sources as before.