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On the level of the individual to the level of culture, the ills we experience, by and large, result from mindlessness.

The wisdom discussed in Toward a Meaningful Life should be widely read to help provoke a reversal of this trend and lead us to mindful lives full of everyday meaning.

These texts, like the course itself, will serve a noble cause in stimulating thought and encouraging understanding.

The story of our people is filled with tales of leadership and vision, kindness and compassion.

It is history that gives humans the sense of immortality and a bond that transcends passing differences.

JLI's course, The Land and the Spirit, provides an intriguing opportunity to connect to our roots, to be empowered by a personal link with our people and history, and to understand our bond to Israel.Regardless of the exact date the Jews were introduced to Central Asia, all agree that by the end of the 4th century BCE, when Alexander the Great arrived, there was a large community of Jews living in the region.This number was most likely added to following the Diaspora as records show communities of Jews traveled and joined or created settlements as far east as China.If my first-year students had been exposed to this material before starting law school, they would be better prepared for the rigors of the Socratic method.Many thanks for sharing with me the exciting Rohr JLI curriculum of You Be The Judge and for the excellent idea of bringing the treasure of Jewish law, a major point of Jewish life and Jewish ethos, to the attention of interested people.

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They tell stories about their childhood, neighbors, wedding parties, and traditions.