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There have been over 1,700 initiatives submitted over the past century, with roughly one-fifth qualifying for the ballot.

The process of qualifying a statewide initiative begins with the submission of a request (along with 00) to the Attorney General’s (AG's) Office.

The AG then has 15 days to prepare a title and summary, which is provided to the Secretary of State (SOS) and included on the signature petitions.

To qualify for the ballot, supporters must gather a specified number of valid signatures with that number depending, in part, on whether the initiative proposes to change state law or the state Constitution.

For each proposition that appears on the ballot, the LAO provides four separate pieces of information: (1) the analysis of the measure, (2) fiscal summary bullets (included at the bottom of the AG's title and summary), (3) a yes/no summary (which appears at the front of the pamphlet), and (4) a ballot label used in county voting materials.

In addition, for any election having one or more bond measures, the LAO prepares an overview of state bond debt.

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The LAO works with DOF to prepare an impartial assessment of each statewide initiative submitted by the public before it can be circulated for signature gathering.(Bond measures also require the Governor’s approval to be placed on the ballot.) With a majority vote, the Legislature can also place on the ballot measures to change state laws previously added or amended by voter initiative.With the passage of Proposition 9 on the June 1974 ballot, voters gave the responsibility to provide impartial analyses of all statewide propositions to the LAO.There are several different types of propositions that can appear on the statewide ballot.(For a table listing the number of propositions considered by voters each year since 1974, see here.) The people of California have the power to place propositions on the ballot through the voter initiative process.

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The initiative is the power of the citizenry to act as legislators in proposing statutes and amendments to the California Constitution.