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Camoto sex chat

Encoding has been done through an automated process using the recommendations for Level 1 of the TEI in Librar ies Guidelines. PHJ Dnktni Ue J ftmtitdumu TWICE A "WEEK AT A YEAH. John o DIgolow nnd bis associates on tho to rntao a sum of nearly fifteen thousand dollars for tho purpose in Never Before so Low Winter Stock view. Vm U I com-mltte- ABSOUTELY PURE frald; "Oysters will b recent. before, nnd, of course, prices will bo Various Opinions Ttognrdlng Tbla higher. Tho demand exceeds the 'the illtik Uca Aro ni (lood nnd ni No moro- supply nnd tho demnnd keeps on grown-. Tho structure, to bo erected on tbo slto yet to be determined by tho park boanl, presents slmplo lines, In which there is a marked dignity in tho ensemble and a classic purity in tbo details, in eloquent nnd expressive harmony with tho poet's llfo ! For instance, ono dally journal has said that it would occupy a city lot, with measurements sixty feet deep nnd more than thirty in width. This Is proforrod to farthf ullr Hit) making of 3mj 0J The national portrait gallery has at birring or platting. While talking, sho picks up an oyster ns largo aa n man's baud, and her remarks are not Interrupted for a second, whan sho drop the lnt,o bor gonerously proportioned mouth and swallows it with n gulp. I Palnco Chair Cam, Pullman Sti Rrb Sleoners, Lo MCrtt Rates and No Chaugo of Cars, For further Information address Jbh.

Foremost among tho Ideas of tho committee was to secure a design that would not follow in tho wake of tho flat, tame and conventional memorials which now disfigure tho lawns, Excellent in Price and Full pardon spots and brilliant landscape effects of Ccutral park. Ernest Flagg, a graduato of tho llcaux arts iu I'nrls, distinguished for an original Interpretation and arrangement of the striking features of Wo nlso endoav-o- r tho Itcnalssanco, was selected to pretoflnvoyou mon- pare the plans. We are compelled to charge twenty-fiv- e cents a gallon more than Sooaono Crop. n i:or An Old Cnlorrd Cook ing whllo the oystors becomo fewer Tcl U Mow the Mnllunks In four or five years from now I look Hliould Ho Uatrn. The I'otomac is practically without Special Washlr. 1 Long ioforo mnn had learned to hew oysters; It has buou clcnucd out so far tbo shnft or lay the nrehltruvc; long n Severythlng but tho young growth is Columbus concerned. " Tho query before tbo groat discovered mi Island anil committed all was adrossod to a couple of oyster manner of crimes ngalnst nu innocent captains who wcro stindlng near and people; long before Lief Lrlckson they both hnstened to give vigorous basked in tho shadows of tho frultngo assent "Unless there's somo oyster planting of Vinland; long before a Christian people deported Africaus to, bo slavci done," ho continued, "tho I'otomac oyster is done for, nnd as wo go in tho lnud of tho free, tho unproten-tiou Insensate oyster lived in our At- further from homo to get supplies wo lantic waters and held undisputed havo to pay moro for them." "How Is tho Norfolk supply? "Short," was tho respouse, "but During tho summer months tbo nro undisturbed. Last winter was an tects them from tonglng nnd dredging, open one, yet half tho oystor houses in lly somo sort of philological legerde- Norfolk had to shut up becauso they main it has been discovered that only couldn't got enough of the crop to during tho months whoso names aro keep them going. Tho emperor insists on having bears' paws, antelope tails, ducks' tongues, torpedo eels' eggs, camel's hump, monkeys' lips, carps' tails (i XCOItl'OUAIKI).) and marrow bones served at his tablo every day in tho year. Tho fact Is, it will bo in tbo form of n fifteen feet in depth nnd thirty feet In width. Kur, one who lakr hold now and worki will CUBES HOTKINO BUT PILES, last some prospect of tubing possession ii urtlr aud nwtdllr lorti III tlielr tarnlnf at tlier. It mahoti no dlfl'erenoe tuber whotber tho oystor crop is bounty or not, Thooua-toinor- a will have to pay blghor prices, that Is all; and hor occupation and wages will go on uninterruptedly.

niiiiim ii " -i V i The Board ot Managors of Unicn Lost An Arm. Sam Jonos a r, chock for for tho dedication sor Tom Pearcy, an O. bridgo r vices, which ho promptly rolurnrd who lites in Princoton, lost an OHAS. Roports at variauco down the company's track ho was soil IB80BIPTIOH It A TEAR IH ADVAKOB in continuous session Wednesday with the aboro are untruo. This will fall and n compromiso ments later n pasuengcr train passed ilcalloo.

' Sonator Voorheos has tfhon uolico arm last Wednesday, Whllo walking with his best wishes and prayers ft r llio Son-at- o that ho will nltenipt to keep our success. i Driumllnit ait Tcrtl Mmen U (urnlitacd onsp- - Bill.

Ilut tho soaison thoir freshness, and an oyster will not I don't 'boy dat order.

I jest makes stay fresh very long In this bind of 'em hot 'nul T to sw allor wholo an' of weather." dat don't doyhonds'emback, Tho captain of an oyster boat says: I steams m so's doy's like "Tho quality of oysters Is steadllyim-- i I pity's do man's wife on' chlllun.

I Bupposo there Is a reason bo done, for a time nt least. TSnr VIVO, our extra fine and aolld II 4S price II 2 age condescends to act as judge in a Mrn'a Mitxrfc. Jl automatic brake, and thus slopping is very old, in tbo sbapo of a stout tbo train. Tho old man's cap serves for a aro tho Tho malo lid and a gold tap lu tho barrel lota scavengers watpt and horna U being of the community, out tbo favorito flvo o'clock bovcrago. Now linmpstead plans ring to tbo voguo of tan stockings its adoption.

iii I Mr cerning tho history or Mzq of this oddity, but understand thatttlaamtmorl-t- l of tho vlotory of Charles Martel (Hammor) over tho Baracons nn event which took placo in tho year 731 SHAVING i0 SHAMPOOING 25 HAIR CUTTING Hoibii K but i DENTIST, Ofliico ovor Kolly'H Jonolry P I r ii latetl raanioe i. Don't ent fried water oysters will take their placo. oysters, honey; don't you do It The best nyktors nro tho Steamed oysters' Is Just as bad, 'less I Lynn Haven, but the variety doesn't steams 'em myself. Wo handlo steamed, ' Now York oysters, but not so early In waiters calls for 'well-don- o I says to myself, somo white fool up Wo cannot bo sure of stairs wants to mako hlsself sick. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically. Meacham Hopkinsville, KY 1893 $IMLS This electronic text file was created by Optical Character Recognitio n (OCR). venernmo pastoral poet, r,, roiueiu-porarlecompanion ami compatriots of tlio New York Century club, of which ho was tho chief founder and ot which ho died ns president, having served in that capacity during n long series of yenr, resolved Ui put up a fitting and substantial memorial to his gen I in on some approved slto In New York city, whore, for seventyflvo years he was its mostnotablo figure, its leading poet and journnlist, and Its most citizen. Eat your oysters raw, honeys or olso ask for 'em aarved rahr ovory tlmo." Tho old woman is a phllaaopher, and that's tho reason shu is n good oook. and hor Uoth Her hair Is snow-whlt- o uro bare and fat and round us a big baby's legs. Hopkinsville Kentuckian Hopkinsville Kentuckian Chas. No corrections have been made to the OCR-ed text and no editing has be en done to the content of the original document. It did not require, says MONTH 01' OCTOBER THEY ARE COMING YOUR WAY famous Leslie's Weekly, nny consider THE Frank able effort on tho part of Mr. Miss a Mil In il Piss Ds B Ro Ya I i CHAT AH0UT OYSTERS. Powder With every Suit of Clothes wc sell, costing .00 or over, we will present to the purchaser a cahiuet size Photo of himself, taken hy our Old Reliable Artist, Mr. We gave away hundreds of photos under this samo plan during the past spring trade and our customers were so appreciative that we have made the same arrangements for our fall trade. SEES B3gg E fpjjjyff I jjgipxr Pifgt W&i L ACKET TALK. n, Alvay s TO-DA- Y hrs o Show Now Goods ..1 Stftj&ijrjll I "tf T "U"" I(i! We place on our counters a beautiful line of new r 1 1s M f Owes its rnoros Ei) imr AXT mkmoiual. This bust, eight times the size of life, is now considered tho best of Thompson's works, although it is modeled without a mustache, tho wearing of which was only n feature of llryant's faco after his wife's death and during tho closing years of bis life. Flogg's design was, of epursc, Inevitable, and there have been publications made touching its form and dimensions wido of the mark. Hrvant park, in honor of Now Vork'a communications. Kho woura calico, nnd carries a blglowol over her shoulder, with whloli sho constantly mops her faco nnd lunula.

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Among experts thero la a decided differenco of opinion, and bo marked aro tho variations of statements that It it not difficult to hnaglno that a close relationship oxlsts between tbo oyster men and tbu peach growers. Sinco then bo has become Snow Kxrluder, tl.1V iihoe.. TRANSATLANTIC L best expresses llryant's fame, achieved Pjuusian thieves have been detected when he was yet but o stripling youth stealing boots from a boot shop by in this city, casting an eager eye up the dizzy heights of renown. means of a fi Hhing-ro- d Tho memorial will be At St, IMalo tboro is an omnibus con- autumn, tt Is felt in in plnco In tho tomc qunrters ductor who is a marquis, a count who earns his living by making mousotrapt that its appropriate place would bo and a bathing man who rejoices in a some quiet nook In Central park, but tho indications aro that it will bo doublo title-- Count Baoul do la erected lu tho park which bears tbo Marquis do Chombcry. tho engine broke, instantly killing tho A fiukxd of tho labor movement has fireman mid wrecking tho cab. at which you ran lurely makeonly a few hundred miles within six hours' rldd T rriulu of larte tum of money. of each other- Tho locomotive with hour.' work will olten young, man or woman, II Will He In the form or Half Crcarent It Wti.t Ucr you are old or which it la hoped to nohlovo tho feat la uo i Hrrrrjpe, - do at we tell ou, aud lue. Tho barrel contained ninety flvo gailous of liquor. TSilch tho outer barrel or hogshead was built Two hoops, nearly two Inches thick and nbout throe Inehos wide, onolrelod tbo barrel, and Into this run big screws from tho hoop and btavos of tho outer hogshead. RUSSELL, (Formerly of Elkton, Ky.) Entirely new and llit i Ihh" In all r.x.'flli'lil Baiiiplf Kooiiu uk I -- eivhii uiieiiiislrd in tho city.

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