Can introverts dating introverts

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Can introverts dating introverts

As part of preparing before your next date, you should practice social acuity, which can be a matter of role-playing with a friend.And as strange as this may sound, it is a very effective strategy worth employing in the days leading up to your date. Well, it involves practicing your verbal and nonverbal interactions until they seem effortless.That said, you don’t have to endure a bad date because you’re introverted.

When it comes to dating, however, this practice can turn a bad evening into a nightmare.

But you needn’t fret; if you’re having a good time, there is always the option of extending the date.

To that point, it is far easier to plan a shorter date than it is to cut a long one short.

After all, a date is nothing more than a social interview to find that ideal partner.

The benefit of asking open-ended the questions is that it takes the focus off of you and transfers it to the person you’re engaging with, which, in turn, temporarily relieves any anxious feeling you may be experiencing at that moment.

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To make this easier, consider having a few questions ready to fire off like “what do you do for a living,” for example.

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