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The Sagittarius woman is a remarkably individualistic person, who prefers to lead life on her own terms rather than follow the example of others.

She’s not rebellious or confrontational – she just has her own path, and a tremendous need to walk it.

She sees no point in leaving anything to chance, and acts on her feelings as soon as they arise.

That said, the relationship is likely to initiate on a far more physical level than on a stereotypically sentimental one.

The differences between the genders in this star sign is pronounced enough that understanding how a relationship between two of a kind plays out means taking a look at this relationship from the perspective of both sexes.

Beginning with the Sagittarius woman, we find in her a free spirit who nonetheless places a lot of value on integrity and keeping one’s word.

It could end in a week, or it could run for five years – it’s hard to say, and who really needs to know if the here and now is so good?

After all, Sagittarius people are also known for being brutally honest sometimes, and this can make their relationship a bit of a rough diamond.Luckily, even those things that grate on one another will just elicit shrugs and chuckles rather than aggravation for the most part.Sagittarius is a star sign whose birthday falls right at the end of the year, among the coldest months in the calendar in the northern hemisphere.Yet these folks are also keenly curious, and always want to uncover the great truths in life – be those philosophical or practical.Whether they’re a good-natured journalist who cuts to the heart of the matter, a talented comedian who remarks on life’s quirks with a wry grin, or a spiritual leader keen to remind us all that the Powers That Be want us to crack a smile once in a while, Sagittarius longs for honesty at all times.

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They’re here to chart their own course, and live in the now.

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