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Plus, 69% of email recipients say they report email as spam solely on the subject line, which can tank your deliverability rate.If you feel like you’ve tried everything to improve your open rates, the issue might be with your email subject lines.Sometimes people wait until the last minute to sign up for an event — sometimes they just forget that they signed up in the first place.When sending out last-minute reminders, you want to create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) to get the open.

Your returning attendees want to feel special and appreciated, especially the longer they’ve been going to your event.

Like me, you’ve probably spent hours crafting your email newsletters, perfecting your timing, topics, images, and CTA.

In fact, nearly 47% of email recipients say they open an email based on the subject line.

(For more, check out: 4 Tips to Prepare Your Emails for Any Holiday Calendar Event.)This email subject line works because it triggers FOMO, i.e. A word of caution here: The overuse of ALL CAPS and !!!!!! (Here are a few more ways you might be triggering spam filters without realizing it.) This title carefully walks the fine line between looking spammy and excited. This email subject line comes from Vimeo, a video platform and online community for video creators. If you are on Vimeo’s list, you know exactly what you are going to get from this email. But it comes from Soapbox, a Chrome extension designed to help people record and share professional-looking presentations and videos.

Why it works: This email subject makes the recipient feel important while also highlighting a limited time offer that triggers FOMO. Their recent email campaign aimed at encouraging users to come back and sign up for a paid plan. The email goes on to explain how users can use their tool to create professional videos, all without the fancy gear many video producers have.

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The email gives subscribers a step-by-step process for setting up free bank transfers. It makes subscribers want to know how can they get paid faster?

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