Centreon not updating

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Centreon not updating

However, I can't seem to reach the owner by email at [email protected] get a "550 5.2.1 This mailbox has been blocked due to inactivity" error message. In the shell all works fine,but i can't show it in the WEB-GUI(Of course before that I added the plugin to the and reload the nagios service.) Whats is the problem here? Check CPU is presenting problem, does anyone know what they have to modify the script?/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_linux_-C -w 90 -c 95 CPU OK : idle 99.50% |idle=99.50%;90;95 user=0.00% system=0.00% iowait=0.50% steal=0.00%check_linux_stats v1.5 Usage: /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_linux_-C|-P|-M|-N|-D|-I|-L|-F|-S|-W|-U -p -w -c [-s ] [-u ] [-V] [-h] -h, --help print this help message -C, --cpu=CPU USAGE -P, --procs -M, --memory=MEMORY USAGE -N, --network=NETWORK USAGE -D, --disk=DISK USAGE -I, --io=DISK IO USAGE -L, --load=LOAD AVERAGE -F, --file=FILE STATS -S, --socket=SOCKET STATS -W, --paging=PAGING AND SWAPPING STATS -X, --ctxt=CPU CONTEXT SWITCH -U, --uptime -p, --pattern eth0,eth1...sda1,sda2.../usr,/tmp -w, --warning -c, --critical -s, --sleep -u, --unit %, KB, MB or GB left on disk usage, default : MB REQS OR BYTES on disk io statistics, default : REQS -V, --version version number ex : Memory usage : perl check_linux_-M -w 90 -c 95 Cpu usage : perl check_linux_-C -w 90 -c 95 -s 5 Disk usage : perl check_linux_-D -w 95 -c 100 -u % -p /tmp,/usr,/var Load average : perl check_linux_-L -w 10,8,5 -c 20,18,15 Paging statistics : perl check_linux_-W -w 10,1000,1 -c 20,2000,20 -s 3 Process statistics : perl check_linux_-P -w 100 -c 200 I/O statistics on disk device : perl check_linux_-I -w 10 -c 5 -p sda1,sda4,sda5,sda6 Network usage : perl check_linux_-N -w 10000 -c 100000000 -p eth0 Processes virtual memory : perl check_linux_-T -w 9551820 -c 9551890 -p /var/run/Cpu context switch : perl check_linux_-X -w 6000 -c 70000 -s 2 Uptime : perl check_linux_-U -w 5 Hi, There's a small bug in v1.5 on line 62: "if" should be "elsif" otherwise the -C (check_cpu) option will always show help.“What’s more it’s for everyone, not only artists, and the many ways it can be used by our community into the future are only limited by our imagination,” Ms Bourke says.Locals are urged to drop into the So ART Gallery over the next few weeks to take a closer look at the plans for what will be known as the Narooma Arts and Community Centre.I have a question, I don't understand at all how are obtained the net statistics...

and I have a small request as well; on virtual machines using lvm you often have a lot of 'disks' attached but most of them are loopback and virtual devices, if you add an option no-fake-disks-for-me-no-sirree (or a shortcut for that), you could loop through the devices in /sys/block/ and use readlink to remove the virtual devices from the list.The plans can also be viewed online at the School of Arts website.Once the Development Application is approved, the School of Arts will seek funding from far and wide including from the Australian and NSW Governments.Initial designs were presented to the community before Christmas but have since been changed in response to feedback.Ms Bourke says work on ideas for the Centre began over 10 years ago but the volunteer School of Arts committee, put plans to one side in 2015 to concentrate on the major renovation of the Narooma Kinema.

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v1.2 Changelog : - Add Paging statistics - Add swapused and active memory on perfparse statistics - Remove unused -H option (mthuijs) v1.3 Changelog : - Add uptime check, warning threshold in minutes (csterley) - Replace /usr/local/nagios/libexec with Find Bin (eulen) - Fix reports network traffic in bytes (dbsanders) v1.4 Changelog : - Illegal division by zero (helium_rday, Red Fish) - Get the cache out of the used memory (waterdeep, dbsanders) - Removed unused $return_str on check io disk (Red Fish) - Add steal cpu statistics v1.5 Changelog : - Add paging statistics to check for major faults ([email protected]) - bug, when using unit=MB for disk usage, the perf data writtens only KB (john12) - Bug, multiple pipe on IO perfcournter (ledistordu) - Add CPU context switch statistics Usage : -h, --help print this help message -C, --cpu check cpu usage -P, --proc check the processes number -M, --memory check memory usage (memory used, swap used and memory cached) -N, --network=NETWORK USAGE check network usage in resq or bytes (default bytes) -D, --disk=DISK USAGE check disk usage -I, --io=DISK IO USAGE check disk I/O (r/w on /dev/sd*) -L, --load=LOAD AVERAGE check load average -F, --file=FILE STATS check open files (file alloc, inode alloc) -S, --socket=SOCKET STATS socket usage (tcp, udp, raw) -W, --paging=PAGING AND SWAPPING STATS -X, --ctxt=CPU CONTEXT SWITCH check CPU context switch -U, --uptime -p, --pattern eth0,eth1...sda1,sda2.../usr,/tmp -w, --warning warning thresold -c, --critical critical thresold -s, --sleep default 1 sec.