Channel four dating show

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She had previously been rejected by Darryl in Episode 2.

Rebecca Draper, a 24-year-old barmaid and aspiring singer and actress from Nottinghamshire, picked Sam, 21, a project manager, from six men.

Sales Adviser and former cancer patient Adele, 26, from North Lanarkshire, chose Jordan, 26, an insurance supplier.

Jordan did not contact Adele after the first date, did not contact the production team and did not appear at the two week meet up.

The resultant date takes place at am the next day.

The picker has to have someone with him/her at all times to make sure they do not accidentally bump into one of the contestants, and if one of the contestants needs a toilet break, they must be escorted out by a member of staff so the picker does not see them leave their coloured booth.

Single mum and former Page 3 model Tracy Kiss, 28, from Bedfordshire picked Mark, an electrician from six men.

Twenty-year-old virgin Josh (who appeared as a contestant in season 2) seeks a princess to "help pop his cherry." Matt and Mary seek a third person to join them in bed.In the second half, Jack chose Kim, 27, from the final pair of women, the other contestant being Kim's best friend, Becca.The first contestant was 24-year-old beautician Gemma from West Sussex.Finally, we will solve this crossword puzzle clue and get the correct word.We have 1 possible solution for this clue in our database.

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