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The image of the ancient nude form was posted by artist and activist Laura Ghianda, who tried repeatedly—and unsuccessfully—to appeal Facebook’s decision.The prudish social media giant also ignored complaints from Vienna’s Naturhistorisches Museum, where the 30,000-year-old sculpture is a star object.Female cast and crew have a book club, and when an ad hoc band from Fire recently performed at a local restaurant, talent from all three casts came in support.This camaraderie is demonstrated during the photo shoot when Kinney is told to move closer to Beghe, and he playfully wraps his arms around the startled but amenable actor.The dedicated and good-looking first responders can't keep from falling for each other — or breaking up. "It's unclear whether they'll get together or become friends." Fire's Lieutenant Casey and Med's Dr. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) suffered insomnia and nightmares from his time in Afghanistan. Halstead, who has ignored protocols to save fatally ill patients, jeopardizing his license; Fire's Severide, who once lost his lieutenant stripes for butting heads with higher-ups; and, of course, P.Halstead exhibited anger and anxiety after each was nearly shot in the head while on duty. D.'s Voight, the "my way" cop who only cooperates with bosses if it will help his team. Whether it's pulling passengers out of a chopper teetering over a roof ledge or saving a coworker trapped in a collapsed garage, Fire's rescue sequences are never less than heart-pounding. Lieutenant Herrmann is in charge of the fire truck, while Lieutenant Severide heads up the squad specializing in rescue operations and scene clean-ups. D.'s Intelligence detectives Upton and Burgess played bigtime illegal-gun buyers. Halstead agreed to bug a mobster, who happened to be a patient, at the behest of his cop brother, Jay. D.'s Detective Halstead is a former Ranger; and Lt.When shooting the pilot for Chicago Fire in 2012, he says, "I looked at the beautiful city and realized that Fire could be the starting point for another brand of shows." Mission accomplished!

It's realistic," he says, noting, "The only territory is Chicago." The cast intermingling onscreen — there are 27 regular players among the three dramas — has also extended to a family feel offscreen.

"Since I started in the 2012 pilot," says Kinney, who plays fearless firefighter Lt.

Kelly Severide, "I've wanted to help create an atmosphere that was welcoming.

Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore, known as Tipper Gore, is the wife of former Vice President Al Gore and was the "Second Lady of the United States" from 1993 until 2001.

According to an article by NPR, Gore went "before Congress to urge warning labels for records marketed to children." A number of individuals including Dee Snider of Twisted Sister[, John Denver, Joey Ramone and Frank Zappa criticized the group, claiming that this was a form of censorship.

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We want to entertain people and, while we do it, have a good time and all get along." Life can be tough for paramedics on the ambo — Chicago Fire Department slang for ambulance. "They're a group of super-elite crime-solvers, assigned to the toughest crimes out there," says Beghe of the P. team, known for often having a loose interpretation of rules and regulations.

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